GeocachingChat Rules & Guides


Always remember that you do not actually know who you are talking to in chat rooms if you do not personally know the person. NEVER give personal details such as telephone numbers or addresses to others no matter how well you think you know them.

To increase safety, in our chat rooms, from time to time, "Chat Moderators" will observe the chat rooms (not constantly). They will not intervene unless our rules of behavior (see below) have been broken or they suspect sexual harassment is occurring.


Chat Rooms are places to make friends and share experiences. The GeocachingChat Rooms are exceptional as people of all ages use them. While certain swear words may be acceptable for you to use our younger users may take offence. So:

Please Don't use abusive language.
Please Don't threaten other users.
Please Don't make racist or sexist comments.

One of the most annoying things to other users is "flooding". This is when a user types lots of short messages very quickly causing other messages to disappear before they have been read. So please don't flood the screen - you will be banned from our chat room automatically by our flood detection bots.

We will not condone or tolerate any of the above behaviour and when observed by our chat moderators, those responsible will be given one warning in the form of a private message; if a second offence is made they will be ejected from the chat room. If our rules are broken continually we will ban those responsible permanently from our Chat Room.

GeocachingChat is a community, somewhere to make friends so saying hello when someone arrives and goodbye when they leave is something we encourage. Try it and feel part of the family.

Changing Your Settings

Below the list of Nicknames in the Chat Window is the Settings button. Clicking here will allow you to fill in some personal details and change your Chat Icon. You can see other users details by Clicking the Digichat Profile button (above the list of Nicknames).

Holding a Private Conversation

If you wish to hold a private conversation, it's customary to ask the other person before doing so. To private message simply double click the users nickname in the list of chatters or, click the users nickname and select the DigiChat PM button. To end the private conversation just close the window by selecting the X button in the top right corner or the close button.

Ignoring/Muting a User (redline)

We want you to feel relaxed and happy in our chatrooms however, should you be become bothered by an annoying or disruptive user you should either inform a Chat Moderator if there is one available or, mute the user by selecting his/her name from the list of chatters and selecting theDigiChat Mute button.

Flagging a User

In some cases, you may wish to flag a user. For instance when the room is busy and it's difficult to pick out your friends comments. The flag user option allows you to highlight the chatter so that their username is shown in red text allowing you to pick them out of the chat easily. To do this, select the username that you want to flag from the list of chatters and press the DigiChat Flag button.